Grim vs Makeda in CID

Testing these models

  • Sea King
  • Grim
  • Krielstone
  • Runeshaper



Theme: Kriel Company

1 / 1 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Grim Angus – WB: +29

– Trollkin Runebearer – PC: 4

– Sea King – PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 29)

– Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 19

– Swamp Troll – PC: 8

War Wagon – PC: 16

Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 4

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

– Stone Scribe Elder – PC: 3

Thumper Crew – Gunner & 2 Grunts: 5

Pummeler Crew – Gunner & 2 Grunts: 0

With the Sea King price drop, I was able to include a light warbeast and Bomber.  Normally, I just take a couple Swamp trolls, or an Impaler.  The Bomber was a nice addition because it hits a little harder.

War Room Army

Skorne – Reference Army

Theme: No Theme Selected

75 Army

Archdomina Makeda – WB: +29

– Molik Karn – PC:

– Bronzeback Titan – PC:

– Cyclops Raider – PC:

– Titan Gladiator – PC:

Praetorian Karax – Leader & 5 Grunts:

Cataphract Arcuarii – Leader & 3 Grunts:

Cataphract Cetrati – Leader & 3 Grunts:

Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 5 Grunts:

Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – Tyrant & Bearer:

GENERATED : 07/25/2017 23:21:38

BUILD ID : 2045.17-07-09

After turn 1.  Trolls lost the toss, but went first anyway.  The Bomber had Weald Secrets for the Pathfinder, mainly.  The stone loaded up and ran stone strength.  Grim had no fury left.

Turn 2, I moved the swamp troll (played by half a winter troll) in the right zone, on the hill.  Return Fire went on the Swamp and Sea King.  The war wagon knocked down the two titans, and I almost killed the titan gladiator with the wagon, bomber and grim.

The Sea King fired a shot at the light beast on the left (Cyclops Raider, proxied) and bounced a shot into the shield walled unit.  They were guarded, so took no blast damage, but did get corrosion, killing 2 on Skorne’s turn.

The Arcuarii shot at the Swamp Troll, and due to a misunderstanding (drag is an effect that includes an attack), we damaged the Swamp Troll, pushed, then took the Return Fire melee hit.  We should have Return Fired, then pushed (if still alive) and took the free melee strike with the Arcuarii.  I also know now that you can drop a whelp to prevent the drag.  Wagon gets pummeled, but survives on 10 boxes.

So… Return Fire happens before Drag.  Good to know.  Maybe tip worthy?

Turn 3, bomber frenzied on the War Wagon. Grim moves up, feats.  Casts Mantrap at Makeda, knocking her down.  Then he takes a shot.  War Wagon shimmies around the titan and fires at Makeda.

Sea King is able to charge, since Makeda is just in LOS.

He charges, and squashes her with his anchor.

We tried to figure out a better way for Skorne to handle the Sea King, and decided that he may have lasted a bit longer if he had staggered the shield wall inside the zone and also included Molik on that side.  The Wagon could have been handled by one heavy, so three on that side was a little much.

Green.  Everything.  The feat with the extended range from runeshaper, and no charges, is pretty nice.  It is great to have defensive tech if an assassination failed.

I still wouldn’t mind an assault on the sea king gun.  I didn’t get a chance to use his animus.



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