Greygore Boomhowler & Co

The Good, The Bad…

Stat Line Review

At first look, you have a ten model unit with Tough and Combined Melee Attack.  Their stats are typical of melee Trollkin, with a MAT 6, P&S 12, 1″ axe.  Comparing with the Trollkin Kriel Warriors, the Boomhowlers hit more often and hit harder.   They’re on par with Fennblades,  but the Fenns have further threat with the 2″ blade and an extra 1″ SPD.

They do carry a blunderbuss, which is a POW 12, 8″ gun.  However, their RAT 4 places them on par with Pygs, and they have nothing in their unit to help them hit a target. As a ranged/melee capable unit, they compare more closely to Scattergunners, but although the gunners have a wealer axe, they do boast a higher RAT and have the spray advantage.

Defensively, the Boomhowlers are once again typical Trollkin.  DEF 12, ARM 15 is a touch better than Fennblades and Scattergunners, but is equivalent to Kriel Warriors.

Special Abilities

The abilities on the card’s reverse sets units apart from each other.  While the members of Boomhowler’s company don’t have anything that sets them ahead of their Trollkin brethren, Boomhowler is a Fell Caller.

Fell Callers have three calls that they can sing during battle.  Boomhowler’s Cacophony stops spell casting and channeling.  Reveille makes friendly Faction models stand up.  So if he is included in a non-Trollblood Kriel Company army, he can make Mercenary models stand up.  There are ways around that limitation, dependent on faction, like Murdoch in Cygnar.  In Trollbloods’ Kriel Company, Boomhowler counts as a Trollblood, and Reveille works for nearby Trollbloods.

Boomhowler’s last call, the Call of Defiance, prevents his unit from losing tough while knocked down.

Point Cost

What are we paying for?

Why is the Boomhowler unit so expensive?  Are they really that pricy?

Kriel Warriors cost 11 for 10, and have unyielding, but no ranged weapon.  PPM: 0.9

Fennblades cost 15 for 10, but have 2″ further threat, Hard and Vengeance.  PPM: 0.66

Scattergunners cost 14 for 10, and spray 8″ with a point more RAT, but 3 less POW on their axe and 0.5″ less melee threat.  PPM: 0.71

Boomhowler runs 17 points.

That’s on its own line, because I want it to sink in for a second.  Truth is, Boomhowler himself is a Fell Caller.  You actually are paying for a 4 or 5 point Fell Caller and a 9 member unit.

Subtract Boomhowler, at 4 points because he isn’t a weapon master,  doesn’t have 2 melee attacks, and loses one fell call to his unit.  You now have a 13 point unit.  PPM: 0.69

So they aren’t a cheap unit, but aren’t super costly either, when you think of Boomhowler as an already attached command attachment.

The Ugly

I’m not the best painter, and the models I painted are old metal tiny trolls.  I don’t know if Privateer is planning a recast, but the Boomhowler’s probably could use one.

I started out with flats, dark blue, gunmetal, and a ochre brown for the cloth.

Then a wash of brown on the robes and armor, then blue wash on the skin, and highlights.

Tabletop ready… just need to do some basing.