Geek World Steamroller, Tyler Texas

Geek World Steamroller mini-Tourney, Tyler Texas.

 Wins: 0  Losses: 3

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points: Stryker

  • (Stryker 1) Commander Coleman Stryker [+30]
    • Squire [5]
    • Stormwall [39]
  • Storm Strider [18]
  • Stormsmith Stormcaller [5]
  • Stormblade Infantry [10]
    • Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard [5]
    • Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner (3) [6]
  • Stormblade Captain [5]
    • Firefly [8]
  • Captain Arlan Strangewayes [4]

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points: Brisbane

  • (Brisbane 1) Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane [+28]
    • Triumph [20]
    • Defender [16]
    • Grenadier [9]
    • Squire [5]
  • Trencher Infantry (max) [16]
    • Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper [5]
    • Trencher Commandos (min) [10]
    • Trencher Commando Scattergunner (3) [6]
  • Trench Buster [6]
  • Captain Maxwell Finn [6]
  • Trencher Master Gunner [4]

Game 1: Vs Nathan

Stryker vs Irusk

  • Irusk +27
    • Wardog 3
    • Behemoth 24
    • Spriggan 19
  • Kovnik Jo 4
  • Eiryss 2 7
  • Alten Ashley 5
  • Rifle Corps – Full : 13
  • 3x Rockets 6
  • Black Dragoons Full 17
  • Bd UA 4

Scenario was Entrenched. This game ran almost the full clock. I had 6 seconds on my clock, and Nathan had something like 2 minutes remaining. So a very tight game in terms of time spent per turn. Stryker was assassinated by Irusk and the Behemoth. In my opinion, not bad seeing as how that was my first real game with the Stormwall. Mistakes were made by both of us, but I can’t exactly point out any made by Khador.

I deployed and ran up the middle with Stormwall and the Storm Strider. My unit was on the right. A building (which I didn’t recognize as a building at first, due to the 2d terrain… buildings should be tall!) and a wall obstructed my stormwall a bit. I forgot early on that Stormwall had pathfinder, and so I didn’t charge when I should have. Also, I forgot to assign focus to it earlier, and didn’t realize that it could shoot or use a melee weapon when engaged, but not both. So the first few rounds when I thought I had to use his melee attack, I could have actually shot something (Behemeth). And later when we got clarification, the clarification was unclear and led us to believe the Stormwall could shoot and hit something on the same turn, so I wasted focus trying to assassinate Irusk when I should have been slapping the Behemoth.

My deployment was slipshod. I should have moved my Stormblades in front of my Stormwall and Storm Stryder, and moved them to challenge the Khador zone. Instead, they got gummed up behind the two huge bases, and were ineffective at the little combat they saw. Seeing how they got jammed out of combat, I should have just parked them in my zone to prevent anyone from contesting. They would have been fairly safe from the riflemen if they had parked behind the Strider.

Eiryss got picked off by some electroleaping via Storm Strider, along with some riflemen, and I damaged but did not kill Kovnik Joe. The Black Dragons were hard to damage, with some ridiculously high ARM. I feated as soon as I saw that we were going to mix it up.

He still attempted to take out my guys, despite my +5 ARM bonus. Luckily, none of his dice spiked. I returned fire, not realizing that I could have charged over the wall with Stormwall. So that was stupid. Also, I forgot the Strider has pathfinder. Missed opportunity on the Spriggan.

I knocked some more riflemen off, and the wardog with a storm pod. He moved up and killed the storm strider with some rockets, and attempted to do the same with Stormwall. I swept away the black Dragons with Stormwall’s right hand. Somewhere in here I tried a ranged attack vs Irusk.

Eventually Stormwall fell to Behemoth, and although I had managed 4 CP, Irusk and Behemoth moved in for an assassination. If I had played more defensively here, I could have lived. I probably should have used the gun against Behemoth, scoring a disruption hit. Then I could have camped focus and maybe put Blur or Shield on Stryker. Lessons Learned.

Game 2: Martin & Circle.

I don’t remember his list very well. I had planned on using Siege against any Hordes lists.   So it was a bonus that he picked Wurmwood as his warlock.

We had the game with the rectangular zone in the middle with an objective on either end, and two flags. I was concerned about him gaining access to a flag, since he could pretty much port his caster anywhere, and since he could really move about the board.

I prioritized the Sentry Stones first, since they were both the closest things available, and they seemed the most annoying (creating fury and forests and spawning some creatures). Siege used Mage Sight to catch both of them on the edge of his control, then the battlegroup lay into them. I should have used Ground Pounder, but didn’t. Mistake 1. The stones went down fast and hard. I parked my commandos off to the right, in the woods. And I got gummed up by a house, where my poor Grenadier lost his way and found himself separated from the group. Oh! That darn Grenadier. He should have been assigned to the Trencher Master Gunner, who does have Marshal. The Conflict Chamber site doesn’t allow me to assign jacks to the TMG, so when I printed my list he was jackless. Mistake 2 and 3.

So Hellmouth happened. It was a surprise, never having experienced it. It took down a couple of my Trenchers, including their UA leader. I learned quickly and ensured my guys were spaced further apart. The tree feated defensively.

Siege was able to scout out a shot for his guys, but I didn’t do much on the next turn. I think I took out a Tharn (the medium sized, tough, multi-box models). Wait! Something big did happen. I took out the Tree’s BFF, Cassius. I also took out one of my own models with Trench Buster’s missed AOE.

The tree attacked, throwing spells at Siege. Hellmouth happened again, but failed to kill. The Stalker attacked, slamming Triumph against Siege, but not through, since Triumph was also touching the house. Triumph and Siege fell down, and all sorts of spell-slinging happened, leaving Siege with 3 life. Siege stood up, backed away, and dropped a rocket on the Stalker. The Defender lit into it, killing it. The trenchers charged and took down a couple Tharn. Looking back, this would have been a good turn for Siege’s feat. Finn charged in and took down two guys, then the Commandos charged in and took out the rest of the Tharn, but not the UA. One poor guy was left trying to attack a tree (gallows?) and couldn’t overcome the ARM. Since it’s a living model, the trencher was able to do one point by carving his initials in the tree’s bark. One of the models killed by Finn was a teleporting stone. I wanted to take out another, but didn’t have range with Triumph… or maybe I did, I can’t remember. Anyway, I forgot to take all of Triumph’s unboostable control phase shots. Mistake 4.

I did not realize the tree was an arcnode. Mistake 5. Damn thing teleported up and the big tree warlock finished Siege off. Not bad, but Siege should have died earlier. He lived a whole extra turn due to bad dice.

Game 3.  Ben and the Cygnar.

  • Haley 1
    • Squire
    • Centurion
    • Defender
    • Hunter
  • Lt Jakes
    • Charger
  • Capt Strangeways
  • Gun Mage Captain Adept
  • Alten Ashley
  • Trenchers (min)
  • Trencher officer/sniper
  • Trencher Grenadier (1)
  • Black 13th

I looked at the list and knew it was an assassination/ranged list. Worse yet, we were playing the Pit with pretty much open terrain. We had some hills, some trenches, and some rough terrain. But not a lot of cover, save the trenches. I picked sides, so I chose the hills. I figured I could electroleap into the trenches, and that I didn’t want him sitting on hills shooting at me. On turn one, I moved up my Stormblades in the middle, and my huge-based Storm thingys right behind. Haley feated and the trenchers took out all of my stormblades. Why? Because I went dumb and forgot to cast spells with Stryker. I also forgot to move up Squire. So nobody had Shields up and nobody was blury, and only the Stormwall had Snipe, which I used to cripple his Hunter’s gun. But the hunter’s gun was not a good trade for an entire unit of Stormblades. Suck. I should have had my defenses up and Stryker was caught with pants down.

With the blades gone, attrition was a real issue. B13th took out the stormblade captain, too. So I had a Firefly wandering about wanting focus. I was able to line up a double-shot with the Strider against Haley, followed by a double shot from the Stormwall. She was left with 2 hp. Almost a win via assassination. I couldn’t get close to pod her, either.

Ben went defensive with the trenchers, and created a screen for his guys. After the failed assassination, I found myself over extended with the huge bases, and I had no reliable back-up. I took out the B13th, but left Ashley to fire on Arlan. Anyway, with my support down, my strider and wall crashed, and the game was certainly over. Ben had to leave early, so I let him have the win by concession. I don’t think I had much left. I could have probably e-leaped the trenchers with the restored Firefly. Also, Stryker may have been able to handle a couple hits with his armor buff and nearly full focus. But with both heavies and lights, I am pretty sure Stryker was not going to make it. I pretty much lost on turn one. I didn’t kill the Hunter, only wounded it. I didn’t keep hitting the priority targets. I diverted everything to an assassination which left Haley with 3 boxes (after he healed one). After having two good games, I feel like I should have played this better. Bottom line: Don’t screw up turn one; stick with the plan.


Overall Impression

I love playing with these guys.  That being said, my lists probably could use some polishing.  I’m considering dropping the Stormblades from Stryker’s list for some more jacks and maybe junior.  I’m also considering running Haley 2.  She’s got a similar stopper feat, but I think she plays more aggressively.

For Siege’s list: I like the trenchers, and the commandos really kicked butt.  I’m not sold on the Trench Buster.  Maybe running two at a time is good?  I didn’t have a real chance to test the Grenadier.   I like the idea of the Grenadier, but it needs to run marshalled.  Siege doesn’t want to spare the focus.  He can spare two (one for the Defender, one for the Triumph).  I just wish Triumph had ROF 2 instead of the out of activation shot.  I like his +1 RAT vs the defender. I thought about taking out the Grenadier/Gunner combo for a Cyclone, but that leaves Siege with the same focus issue.  Also, the Gunner can give the Triumph an arcing shot since it has an AoE.  Before making any changes to Siege, I’m going to have to play him some more.




  • nathan loan

    We really enjoyed having you both out. Julian’s getting it, just needs to not be so nervous and needs more games under his belt. Losing is part of warmachine. I suffer from the second part as I don’t know much about other armies other than Khador. Just don’t have much time to get more games in. Our game was by far the most fun.

    I think I really should’ve put Butcher into it rather than Irusk 2. Also should’ve placed the Spriggan better. Being behind the house he was forced to shoot when he’s not a shooting jack.