Dragon’s Lair 50 point Steambath

Steambath… a relaxed steamroller?

The format was supposed to be 50 point Steamroller with Deathclock. It turned into a 50-point pseudo-Steamroller. There were no turn limits and the game time was reduced to 40 minutes total. So the games were really, really short. The tables were set up each with a different scenario, and the scenario was static on the table. We were also allowed to use limited release models, so I ran Jakes 2. The less competitive nature led to some learning opportunities, but the condensed time meant a lot of games were tied.

Game 1

My first game was against Dakota’s Menoth. He said he hadn’t run them in Mk3, and was a little rusty. I thought I had snapped more pictures, but I guess my phone didn’t take them like I thought.


  • Feora – Protector of Flame (+28)
    • Hand of Judgement
    • Castigator
    • Castigator
  • Mechanics
  • Exemplar Cinerators
  • Flameguard Cleansers
  • Choir

Cygnar Army – 50 / 50 points

(Jakes 2) Captain Allison Jakes [+28]

  • (Jakes 2) Captain Allison Jakes [+28]
    • Defender [16]
    • Lancer [10]
    • Lancer [10]
    • Ironclad [12]
  • Ragman [4]
  • Trencher Infantry (max) [16]
  • Captain Maxwell Finn [6]
  • Captain Arlan Strangewayes [4]
  • Steamroller – Stockpile

In the only photo taken, the two tall crystals are the objectives. I know, they don’t have circular bases, but we take what the LGS has to offer. I don’t think anyone brought any objective markers to the game. The flags are marked by those rocks. In this game, we ignored the fissures (there were a ridiculous amount, and both the terrain style (steep, jagged slopes) and the quantity made the board difficult to play on. There was no advantageous terrain on the board (forest or other cover).


Menoth’s two main fighting units were on the left, battlegroup and choir on the right. I learned something new about the choir. I always thought they needed to be within 3” of the choir to be protected, but that is not true. The choir can move up, sing, and the jacks can move out. Super important.

Our first two turns mostly consisted of running up and activating spells. On Menoth’s Second turn, he tried moving his Cinerators up, then charging them to take an assault spray on the Cinerator, hitting the trenchers in their smoke. I reminded him that you can’t charge your own models (page 31, paragraph 1 of the Charge section). That kind of screwed him up, and he was only able to take out a couple of my trenchers. His jack party moved up toward the objectives and flag on the right.

On my second turn, I got a lot of work done. The picture was taken after my second turn, and at the beginning of his third.

I didn’t think I could pull off an assassination, but I wanted to wipe out his infantry. Those spray attacks could be big. I also wanted to get rid of the Hand. Its synergy is too good.

First step was to move my Ironclad in for a knockdown on the big jack. In the picture, it would have been where that blue marker is in front of Feora. Ironclad caught both large jacks and Feora in the knockdown. I moved ragman up and cast his AR reducing spell. Jakes activated, popped her feat, and cast that positive charge thing on the Defender. She threw two bullets at Feora, but they were deflected by her power armor. Defender moved up and trashed the big bad Hand. My Trenchers charged, doing a lot of damage to the first heavy (see the three guys surrounding it?) and charged the Cinerators and spray guys. Between their assault charge and the electricity leaping about, the trenchers eliminated all but one Cinerator and one flame thrower. A Lancer took care of the last Cinerator, and that ended my turn.

Menoth stood up, repaired the Cinerator, and took out the trenchers. I think I remember the defender taking some damage, but then dice down was called. A tied game.

Game 2

My next battle was vs Sam’s Skorne in the Pit. This table had the pit as a hill, and a whole lot of hedges and walls. I threw my Siege list at him, as I said I would do vs Hordes.

Cygnar Army – 50 / 50 points

  • (Brisbane 1) Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane [+28]
    •  Hunter [11]
    •  Grenadier [9]
    •  Squire [5]
    •  Cyclone [13]
  • Arcane Tempest Rifleman [4]
  • Trencher Commandos (min) [10]
    •  Trencher Commando Scattergunner (1) [2]
  • Captain Maxwell Finn [6]
  • Rangers [9]
  • Captain Arlan Strangewayes [4]
  • Gun Mage Captain Adept [5]
  • Steamroller – Armory

He ran the guy with two whips, an agonizer, despoiler, bronzeback, another titan, a cyclops brute, and some little dudes.

We ran up and tried to get into the pit. I took a shot at two of his paingivers, killing them. I flanked with my hunter, rangers and two gun mages on the far right. I wanted to go for the assassination on this game, knowing that the pit would be an all-out brawl I couldn’t win. As such, I didn’t want to show my hand at the beginning, so I didn’t pre-measure the gun mages to his warlock. That would be my undoing.


So on turn two, Sam gets all the way up to the edge of the pit with his bronzeback, taking out two of my trenchers in front of the Grenadier.   He doesn’t actually do much else. I move my rangers up, skirting his Despoiler. I start to move siege up to pop feat, but he reminds me that the bronze has countercharge, and allows me to reorganize my thoughts. I move the grenadier up. I should have moved my trencher commandos up to mess with the charge lane, or if he didn’t take it, then tempt him with the Cyclone. Then I may have been able to take a few shots with the Grenadier. Instead, I blocked the lane with grenadier. Hunter moved up, and lit into him with a boosted attack/damage roll. I wasn’t taking any chances in not being able to hit. He shunted the Hunter’s damage. Squire moved up, Siege moved up, feat activated. I took a rocket shot at the caster, who was barely visible. His caster was able to shunt the damage to the despoiler. That’s the last of that shunting business. The commandos moved up, taking two shots, and leaving him with 3 points. The gun mages moved up, and were each only 1.5” away from being able to land their 14” shots. And now I feel stupid for not premeasuring. The rifleman can’t use his “give 3 points of damage” attack, and I forget that he has snipe, and that even a POW 10-8 roll has a chance of doing 2-4 points of damage. All I would have had to do was roll a 10 or better to kill, and I forgot that he had snipe. He has a 24” threat range. I’m actually figuring this out as I type this. That’s what I get for trying something new without practice.

Oh well.

The next picture shows the death of Siege.WP_001878


Caster debuffs Siege. Bronzeback uses beatback, pushes Finn out of the way and kills Siege.

Game 3

Final game was against Scott and the Khador witch, Sorcha.

The sick thing about this is that I actually helped him prep his lists. I knew which one he was going to run, and actually considered flipping over to Siege in hopes that the hunter would make me some money vs Khador’s heavies. I stuck with Jakes vs the machines.

Khador won the initiative, and chose the side with fewer lava flows. The way everyone was playing, our Lava wasn’t actually lava, just a river, and so it was rough terrain. But the rough terrain was bad enough for me to be pretty much unable to advance for the first two turns of the game.


On the bottom of turn 2, Sorcha takes her flag and moves Juggy into the zone. 1/0 Khador. Had I not had to walk through so much flame, Jakes would have taken her flag, and we would have been neck and neck the whole way. However, I did not reach my flag. At the top of turn 3, I do reach my flag, and take 1 point, bringing us to 2/1. On the bottom of turn 3, Conquest laid out some barrage templates. Why does Conquest get barrage templates that are AOE, and Stormwall only gets a poopy wall template? Anyway, most of the trenchers die due to creeping barrage and missed AOEs from the rocket guys imbedded in the Winter Guard. Ragman is killed by a blast from an errant rocket. The juggy moves into the zone to claim it. Khador earns 1 points, and Jakes earns 1. So it’s 3/2 Khador. I try to take out the juggy, but have to run through templates, finishing off all but two of my trenchers and damaging some jacks. I take out the juggy’s cortex. Lancer 2 tries to kill the objective and fails. Defender tries to help out, but it hangs on with 1 HP. Finn’s in the zone, and he kills off two rocket guys. Points go to 4/3. Now Khador takes the final turn of the game. Juggy 2 charges my objective, conquest charges finn and Sorcha camps on the flag. End of his turn, and he finishes with 6 points to my 4.