Dhunian Knot

Trolls get to play with colors and schemes in ways that Cygnar and the more organized faction armies don’t.   I’ll base these models shortly, and they’ll be table ready.

My paint job isn’t super high quality, but at this point I only need to be able to play at the “must be painted” tables.


The Dhunian Knot doesn’t want to fight in hand to hand combat.  Against single HP dudes, they only have a rough 25% chance at a kill.  So what does this unit have to offer the Trollblood army?


At first, I thought the healing only worked on Warbeasts.  Turns out, the Dhunian Knot can heal any living Trollblood model.

Think Madrak 3 after he takes a bullet for one of his high priority models.  Or a Longrider that didn’t get finished off, or Warder after taking a bullet.

Healing requires them to be base to base, so the Knot needs to stay within a 6″ walk from their healing targets.  I don’t think that is generally a problem, but the Knot will be exposed to gunfire fairly often in the middle of the game.

Healing beasts will most often be the best option, and alleviates warlock Fury management.  If spirit is broken, the Knot becomes extra helpful, healing the d3 and allowing a beast to be forced.

Puppet Master

With a 10″ range, the Knot can stay within range of walking and healing, or can lag back enough to give friendly models a re-roll, or hit enemy models with a chance at bad luck.  Personally, I think using it offensively is a better option on most cases.

However, forcing your opponent to re-roll a hit that is in the 60% or less range not only frustrates your opponent, but causes them to burn another two seconds to reroll.

Wild Communion

The “always on” condition of Wild Communion can prevent friendly Warbeasts from frenzying, or by making enemy Warbeasts frenzy.

When re-rolling the frenzy, it allows either a single die, or both dice.  If you are rolling to prevent frenzy, and one of the dice is a 5 or 6, while the other is a 2 or 3, you should probably just re-roll the 5/6 die.  It’s an odds thing.  If a 1-4 on one die prevents a frenzy, re-rolling means you’ll have a 66% chance of stopping the frenzy.

I think the dream of getting an enemy beast to frenzy in the wrong direction is probably not likely to happen.


Obviously, a beast heavy list, or a list with multibox dudes who actually can take a hit, like Warders.

Power of Dhunia is the only theme currently accepting the Knot at this time.  It has four forms, one with big beasts, one focusing on light beasts, one with a good dispersion of gargantuan, heavy and lights, and one with more Runeshapers than recommended by the internet.  Any version has an excuse to include the Knot.

Final thoughts

Fun to paint, visually appealing, potentially helpful support unit capable of fitting in most lists consisting of beasts or multibox infantry.