The Good, the Bad…

Stat line and weapons

The Decimator is one of the more expensive Khador warjacks.   It has the same Stat line as the Juggernaut and Destroyer and other similar jacks (Khador jack makers reuse this frame all over the place).

Like most of Khador’s jacks, the Decimator moves at a snail’s pace (SPD 4), but fights well when it eventually arrives.  Instead of an axe, the Decimator is outfitted with a rip saw.  The saw doesn’t do as much damage as the Juggernaut axe, but it does as much as the Destroyer (P&S 17).

Instead of a crit ability, the saw has a sustained attack.  A boosted attack roll guarantees each additional attack will hit, a nice trick against a warp wolf’s DEF 14.

The Gun seems a little lackluster.  It’s biggest drawback is it’s range.  At 10″, and no Dual Attack, I question the wisdom of beat back.  It does move the Warjack an inch, maybe 2 if it scores a hit each time.  It can be handy for pushing things off a zone, especially if the thing is a heavy sitting just outside Decimator’s charge range.  Expect to have to boost to hit.


Anything with knock down or stationary,  to get the gun to hit things.  Any caster that gets the jack moving quicker.  Basic jack support.  I like Harkevich because of reposition, Broadside giving an immediate ranged attack, and Mobility giving +2 SPD and Pathfinder.  During his feat, the rip saw shines, when the Decimator shoots, charges 9″ and has the potential to rip saw with a boosted attack on the charge, then spend three focus for three auto hits.

The Ugly

The jacks of Khador seem pretty simple.  Red. I decided to break this guy up with a little green, since my assembly team didn’t remove mold lines, and I didn’t want to spend more than a couple hours with this guy.  Red leather on the hoses, gun metal on the gun and saw, bronze on the shiny bits.