Day 1 – Haley & Seige

Haley & Seige Day 1

I couldn’t find the stacks for Seige’s magic backpack. So I snipped some off an Ironclad body I wasn’t planning on using, trimmed to fit the backpack, and glued them on with Loctite superglue. Seige was mounted on a brickwork style base (made from Super Sculpy).

IMG_4321  IMG_4322

IMG_4324  IMG_4323











I made no modifications to haley. Although she was second hand, most of the red had come off and she took to the primer like a champ.  You can still see some of the red in the underside of Haley’s cloak.  I don’t use a lot of primer when I spray, so that’s why it is still visible.

Paint List:

Acrylicos Vallejo

  • Model Color
    • 70.899 Dark Prussia Blue
    • 70.951 White
    • 70.818 Red Leather
    • 70.871 Leather Brown