Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Day 8

 Nyss are almost Ready!

Each model received a bit of a touch up, and the bases received a bit of autumn flocking.


Initially, I was ready to call it quits.  However, I couldn’t let the lack of bowstrings go without some sort of solution.  I wanted to have some of the Nyss Hunters drawing back a bow, and I was ready to cut and fashion an arrow out of a paperclip and clay, but I realized it would look utterly ridiculous.  To begin with, the archers’ drawing hands are way beyond their shoulder.  I was taught to pull to the corner of my mouth and let fly from there.  I don’t ever remember pulling further, even after release.  I thought about moving the drawing arm, reposing somehow, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it well.


I snipped a paperclip to the length of an arrow being pulled back by the Nyss Hunter


Holding the “arrow” up to the quiver reveals how poorly positioned the hand is in relation to the actual size of the arrows in the quiver.



The only solution I could reach was to leave the arrow out of the picture and add a string to the bow as though they were just fired. I’m pretty happy with the result. Here’s three of the archers ready for action.


And that pretty much wraps up the Nyss.  I’ll have a post with all of them in their final state (arc marks) soon.