Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Day 2

Skintones & Swords

I found an old bottle of Reaper Miniatures Master Series paint called Fair Skin.  Fifteen years ago, that paint mixed into a rosy peachy color, and to my surprise, still does today.  I tempered it with Vallejo Model Color Verdigris Glaze, in a 2:1 mix of Reaper:Vallejo.  Next, the Nyss Hunters took a splash of grey wash.  Their swords also took a hit from the Reaper/Vallejo mix, for an eerie greenish coloring along the wavy part.


Their leathers would take a hit of Military Green before my hour was up.  I hadn’t decided yet what was going on with their heads.  Some of them have a crested thing going on, and I couldn’t decide if it was hair or helmet.  The green is really dark, especially atop the black primer, and it took three coats before I could tell there was any green at all.


The bases came as shown.  The green felt looks ugly, in my opinion, and bubbles up near some of their feat.  I think the Nyss separated from their bases a couple of times, and were reglued.

Paint List

Reaper Miniatures

  • 09047 Fair Skin

Vallejo Model Color

  • 70.975 Military Green
  • 70.832 Verdigris Glaze

Vallejo Game Color

  • 73.202 Grey Wash


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