Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Day 1

I decided to take a break from my Cygnar build while I wait for some supplies.  In the meantime, I will be working on Cylena Raefyll & the Nyss Hunters.  First step is to pick a color scheme.

The studio scheme appears to be a black with a touch of green in the cloak (or it could be my monitor).  Anyway, their whole spectrum is white->grey with a brown accent, and a gold to go with the brown.  I don’t have the book for Mercenaries, but from what I can tell, the group is from the north.  Usually they’re a pale sort of elf, and they’ve ventured southward where they’ve come into the employ of various factions.

With those thoughts, and with the table I plan on building, I opted for a Green/Red/Brown scheme with the pale skin and silver for the buttons and buckles.     Once again, ebay beat everyone in terms of price, but quality was dismal.  The models came chipped, primed black, broken, and missing the handles of the swords that remained scabbarded.  To make matters worse, the models had been sanded at one point, pretty much removing most of the detail work on the swords and on Cylena Raefyll herself.  When the original owner assembled them, he or she overused green stuff and made a general mess of the hands.  Some of those poor elves look like they’re wearing mittens.

So with all the uphill struggle of a bad e-bay buy set before me, I decided to paint this unit in a week, and only spending one hour per day.

Day 1 consisted of a quick simple green bath, followed by a wipedown and new primer.  I didn’t take pictures.