Cygnar vs Skorne (25pt)

Steamroller 2015 rules, Scenario = Recon


  • Master Tormentor Morghoul
    • Bronzeback Titan
    • Titan Gladiator
    • Titan Gladiator
  • Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader & 3 grunts)
  • Fuel Cache


  • Commander Coleman Stryker
    • Lancer
    • Charger
    • Squire
  • Sword Knights
  • Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
  • Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
  • Journeyman Warcaster
    • Charger
  • Arcane Wonder

Skorne won the dice roll, elected to go second. Cygnar deployed with spacing to accommodate spell casting in round one. Skorne deployed centrally, to take the zone.


Cygnar Turn 1

Stryker cast snipe on Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers, then set an Arcane Shield on the Lancer before advancing. Squire followed. The light warjacks walked upfield, as did the pistoleers. The journeyman advanced, placing Arcane Shield on the knights. The knights toed into the zone.  Cygnar 0 / Skorne 0


Skorne turn 1

Arcuarii moved into rough terrain, racing toward the flag.


Morghoul abused his two Titan Gladiators before advancing. The first gladiator used his animus, and ran through the zone very quickly. The second gladiator also ran, jockeying for position.  Cygnar 0 / Skorne 0.



Cygnar turn 2

After paying upkeeps and allocating focus, the pistoleers activated. They fired a shot at the closest Titan Gladiator, but only nicked its hide. The five minute clock ran out, and the game became Skorne’s.


Skorne turn 2

Too much Fury was on the Titans for Morghoul to siphon it all off. One Titan Gladiator frenzied against the other, but no damage was done. Morghoul abused the other titan (the grey one). Morghoul abused grey titan.


The Arcuarii claimed a flag. Finally, the grey titan moved, and Skorne’s turn finished.  Cygnar 0 / Skorne 1



Turn 3 – Cygnar

Upkeep maintained and focus allocated, Stryker launched an earthquake at the bronze. The pistoleers took control of flag, and pushed the grey titan out of the zone, leaving him to face the wall.


The sword knights advanced into the zone, missing the opportunity to smack around the bronze. Instead, the Charger took two attacks against the bronze, dealing 9 points of damage.  Cygnar 1 / Skorne 2



Skorne turn 3

Morgul moved toward grey, Abused both Titan Gladiators.  The grey gladiator ran behind Stryker.  The bronze charged, but failed land a blow on Stryker.  Cygnar 2 / Skorne 3



Cygnar Turn 4

Stryker triggered his feat, and camped all focus.  Pistoleers did little damage to bronze. Charger outright missed the bronze. Stryker fairs better than his ‘jack, taking out the bronze’s mind and spirit.


The Sword Knights charged the enemy objective, but only take it down by half. Had the knights been able to take the objective, I would have controlled the zone, and earned two points (one flag, one zone), tying the game.


I tried to get in a shot against the Arcuarii with the journeyman and his charger, but couldn’t position them effectively within the time limit. So they moved with no effect. Next turn will be the last, simply based on the Control Points accumulated.  Cygnar 3 / Skorne 4



Skorne Turn 4

The grey titan made his Frenzy check and did not go nuts. Morghoul thought about activating, but decided against it. The grey titan attacked Stryker, but missed each time. The bronze scratched Stryker for four points.
The turn ended, with Skorne being the first to reach 5 Control Points.
End of Game: Cygnar 4 / Skorne 5



Playing on a 5 minute timer with this many options was new to me.  I need to be more efficient with my spellcasting and upkeep.  Maybe fewer units would work?  Or more units with combined attacks?  However I do it, I need to speed up my gameplay if I’m going to play on that type of clock.