Champions vs Legion of Everblight

In an effort to better understand my Trollblood army, as well as learn the units from other factions, I’m taking the Trollkin Champions into the Legion of Everblight.  I’m going to run the full 27 point boat with Skaldi Bonehammer attached and the Hero running solo.   As usual, I will use the Odds Machine to help calculate chances and will run the opposing units at full strength.  Whoever threatens the furthest will gain initiative. Granted, I am fairly unfamiliar with the Everblight forces, so mistakes will be made.

Strider Scouts, with Officer & Musician, and Strider Deathstalker solo

The Strider Scouts look like the Cygnar Rangers at first glance, only with no abilities.  With the officer, they’ve become pretty good at removing units hiding behind walls or in the woods, they can spread out pretty far and are pretty mobile.  The Deathstalker is a semi-sniper, who can take out tough single point troops and keep them 14” away (after repositioning with Swift Hunter).  As a bonus, the Deathstalker gets a second attack after a kill.

Unfortunately, the Champs aren’t a single hit point unit.  The Fennblades may have lost a few guys in the first round, but their wicked speed would have closed that gap fairly quickly.  With a RAT 6,7, and 8, the Striders don’t have a problem hitting, but their POW 10 arrows won’t do much against the thick Trollkin hide.

The Striders threaten 19”, so they fire first.  The 8 shots will hit 72% of the time, but only have a 6% initial kill chance against a Champ.  Toughness reduces this to a 4%.  That POW 10 only has a 40% chance of doing a single point of damage.  Even with the Deathstalker, it’s going to take the full unit to reliably down a single troll.  However, their repositioning (3”) places them at 15” away from the trolls, and the Champs’ slow run (10”) keeps them from closing with the archers.  The trolls run as quickly as possible, stopping 5” from their enemy.

The archers move 7” backward, kiting the trolls at 12” again.  They may once again take out another Champion.  The elves may reposition back 3” and the trolls can advance to 5” from the archers.  Given an infinitely long table, the archers will eventually whittle away the trollkin unit.

Fortunately, the table isn’t infinetly long.  If it’s a Rumble, we’ve only got 36”, and if it’s a full up battle, we’ve got 48”.  The elves can try to evade by drifting right or left, but will probably get caught eventually.  Terrain could keep the trolls from meeting their opponent, and the elves can ignore most terrain bonuses.

This type of unit is tough and irritating to throw the Champs into.  They can move out of the way and kill the Champs one by one.  They aren’t a good target for the Trollkin unit, and would be better handled by a Fennblade unit or one of our long range units.

Verdict: Avoid.

Strider Blightblades

With only 6 single box blades, these guys seem like they’re at a disadvantage to the trolls.  They do have more speed and a CMA on their side, and they even have a critical grievous.  The crit isn’t something I’m worried about, and I’m sure I’m not going to see them until mid to late game, since they’re really an ambush unit.  With their P&S 9 sword, I don’t think they’re really any threat.

The trolls have more threat range than the striders.  They charge, and they’ve got no problem doing any damage once they hit.  They have a 41% chance to hit, however.  Their hero and skaldic have a 58% chance to hit.  Looks like the champs could use a friend to bump their MAT.  Good thing trolls have that capability at the ready.  The guys do have 10 swings though, so maybe 3 or 4 of the Striders go down.

With 2 guys left, and only a POW 11 if they CMA, the Striders will barely be able to scratch the trolls.

Next turn, the trolls will slaughter the remaining elves.

Verdict: Get’em!

Spawning Vessel

The vessel is an odd unit.  It produces lesser beasts when things die around it.  There are 6 grunts that stand in the way of the vessel and the Trollkin Champions.  The grunts can stand 7 inches from the vessel, but need to be within 4” of the vessel to make it work when they die.  If the trolls kill all six of the grunts, the vessel will get to spawn a single lesser beast.

The trolls have a 72% chance of killing the grunts with a single swing of their axe.  The Hero and Skaldi have an 83%.  The trolls may not gain access to the vessel on turn 1, but will lay waste to it on round 2.  Awesome sauce.


For some reason, the whole internet is scared of this bad little unit.  The mouth starts out buried, so it can’t move, but sits at 12” from the starting line (whether it’s the 10” or 7”).  The tendrils come back one at a time and attacks within a 10” threat.

The trolls out threat the tentacles.  On the charge, they can split up two per tentacle.  The tentacles have almost no defense to speak of, but they have this thick hide thing that prevents the Champs from using all 4 dice.  Good thing they’re weapon masters.  The trolls each have a 79% chance of killing with each swing.  With the two troll per tentacle strategy, they’re pretty much guaranteed to slash through the tentacles.

Next turn, the mouth spawns another tentacle, drags a troll over and has an 8% chance of taking out a champ.  Afterwards, the trolls will gang up and rip that Hellmouth out of the ground.

Verdict:  Get ‘em

Grotesque Raiders & Grotesque Assassin

The Assassin helps the Raiders a bit with  Grievous Wounds guarantying at least one troll dies.  If they get to charge, they have a MAT 7 POW 12 when flanking, and a troll would have an 88% chance of dying after the Assassin and Raider hit it.  Two Raiders on a troll after the Assassin hits it pretty much guarantees a troll death.  Three Raiders on a troll with flanking and a charge score a 94% kill rate.  There are 10 Raiders, so three trolls would bite it if the Legion gets initiative.  If the trolls were base to base in melee, then they’d get a bonus to DEF, so they would actually require 5 Raiders to get that 94% or 4 with the Assassin to hit a 91%.

Unfortunately for the trolls, the Raiders have a touch more range than the Champions.  So the Raiders charge, take out a couple trolls and wish they’d never been born.  The rest of the trolls attack, and kill 83% of the time.  The Hero and Skaldi kill at 91%, so the trolls are pretty much going to take down most of the unit.  Next round, the remaining blight can do some damage, but the trolls will undoubtedly clean up.

Verdict: Get ‘em

Grotesque Banchees

The POW 12 spray is pretty frightening, but only kills 22% of the time.  A Trollkin Champion can probably survive two or three hits.  The Banshees only get a 91% kill rate at 5 attacks.

The trolls on the otherhand, can retaliate pretty well.  Their DEF bonus won’t help against the spray though.  Still, I give the victory to the trollkin unit.

Verdict: Get ‘em

Blighted Ogrun Warspears, Chieftan & War Chief

The Ogrun are pretty much the mirror for the Champions, in terms of stats.  They have the same movement, but are stronger and more heavily armored.  Their chief gives them blood drinker.  If they survive a round, and destroy something on the return, they can remove damage.  Their MAT would go up to 7, they can throw their spears and have a 2” range, as opposed to the troll 1” range.  They have assault, and tough.  The Ogrun look like the trolls, but hit harder and from further away.

The Ogrun threaten 10” as opposed to the troll’s 9”, so they get to go first, or threaten 12” with the thrown spear.  The Ogrun should decline to throw their spears at 8”, and instead charge for the assault, since that will keep the trolls from charging them.  To keep the trolls from benefiting from the Champion Hero’s Retaliatory Strike, the Ogrun will focus on him.

The Warchief hits 91% of the time, and his War Cleaver does a tremendous amount of damage.   If it weren’t for Tough, the Hero would have a 57% probability of dying.  Tough takes that down to 38%.  The Chieftan would put Prey on the Hero, charge, take the Assault for a bump up to 81%, then the spear hit for a 98% chance at killing the Hero.

The next Ogrun begins taking down one of the other trolls.  A buddy joins up with him to also take the assault shot and stab, for an 88% chance at downing the troll.  Two more Ogrun follow suit, and a second troll grunt goes down.  The last Ogrun is used to follow up with either troll that didn’t go down with the first Ogrun hits.

With the Hero and two Trolls fallen, our Champions are in bad shape.  Skaldi and his buddies have their work cut out for them.  They position themselves to maximize their output, and start with the Chieftain.  Two trolls take him down (94%).  Skaldi pairs off with the big ugly.  Another troll joins him, and the Warchief goes down (92%).

The Ogrun fight back, but they no longer have the advantage of their charge.  They are reduced to one stab of their spear per model, and go down to 2d6 damage.  It takes all five of the Ogrun to take down one single Champion (84%).  The trolls pair off and hack away with their axes.  One Ogrun dies (94%) with three axe hits, then another (96%).

Three Ogrun left, try to take down a troll, but might likely fail (44%).  The trolls can grind away at the remaining Ogrun.

Verdict: Trolls, but it’s close.

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers & War Chief

The Warmongers get the charge, and each gets a +2 to their attack roll, +1 more if they’re in the War Chief’s command range.  The Chief charges first, swinging at MAT 8, scores a 57% chance at killing a 8-hit box troll and an 83% against the 5 box trolls.  Tough can reduce those chances to a 38% and 55%, which means he’s going to want help from the unit to make things work.  Assuming they take out the 8-box trolls first, when the Vet and one Warmonger have an 82% chance at taking it out.  A third Ogrun brings the kill chance to 98%.  The three other guys can take out the second 8 box troll (98%).  If the Ogrun get lucky and kill one of the 8 boxers on the first or second hit (40-84%), they could possibly take out a 5-box troll (58% for one Ogrun, or 95% for two).

For this scenario, I will play as though both 8-box trolls died and the Ogrun got lucky and took out a 5-box Champion.  With only 4 Champs, can they pull a win?  Let’s rewind.  I forgot about Retaliatory Strike.  The Champion gets a Retaliatory Strike against the Chief. He only has a 23% chance to kill, and an 87% chance to do a single point of damage.  This isn’t enough to really mean anything, and because he falls so quickly, the other the trolls won’t benefit from his ability.

Each Champion swing has a 9% chance of killing the Chief.  One troll has a 36% of killing the Chief, and two trolls increase that probability to 83%.  A 5th axe will bring the probability of finishing the Chief off to 93%, and leaves 3 axe swings.  A nearby Ogrun gets an axe to the face, torso and neck, with a 10% chance at surviving the Champion onslaught.

The Warmongers do not get the Blood Drinker benefit from the War Chief anymore, so they won’t be able to heal this turn when they kill… if they kill.  When the Ogrun start swinging, it’s going to take 4 of them to take down one troll, and only at a 68% chance due to Tough.

Remember, it takes three axes to take down an Ogrun (90%), and there are 8 axes available, or 6 axes if we give that 68% kill chance last turn to the Ogrun.  That means at least two other Ogrun are finished this turn.

The Ogrun now have a 37% chance at killing a troll.  The three remaining Trollkin Champions have a 90% chance at killing each Blighted Ogrun Warmonger.

Verdict: Tough Battle, but don’t run away.

Blighted Nyss Swordsmen, Abbot & Champion, and Blighted Nyss Warlord (solo)

What a mouthful.  The Swordsmen themselves are weapon masters, with good MAT and DEF.  They are lightly armored, get Cleave and Overtake from the Abbot.  Their Champion has a free swing when things charge it.  The Warlord takes this great unit from 10 to 11.  Fumazing Precision Strike ability makes them awesome Jack/Beast killers.  The Warlord also has Decapitation, which ignores tough and doubles damage that exceeds ARM.  I don’t think Odds Machine has an option for that!

The Nyss get the charge, since their speed outpaces the trolls.  Odds Machine does have a DMG x2 option and a No Tough option on the kill!  Plugging the Warlord’s MAT 8 into the charge gives him a 71% chance at killing a normal Troll Champion.  He’s got a 68% chance at killing the Hero or Skaldi.  We’ll say he throws himself into the Hero, and whittles him down.  The Retaliatory Strike happens, and the Hero has a 68% chance at success.  We’ll say he takes out 5 boxes.

The rest of the Nyss charge.  There’s 10 of them, so each troll gets hit by 2, maybe 3 Nyss.  One Nyss has a 35%, two Nyss have a 69%, and three have an 85% chance at success.  We’ll give the Nyss three troll deaths due to Cleaving, and the Abbot and Champion bring that up to a third troll or the remaining boxes on the Hero.  The Hero gets focused on by the Nyss, then the other trolls follow.  Not good.

The two remaining Champions and Skaldi start in.  The Abbot and Champ need to go.  One swing has a 52% chance at killing the Abbot and Champ, two swings gives 78%, and three gives 89%.  Two Trollkin Champions have to team up on the Abbot, the second using his second swing on the Nyss Champ.  Skaldi finishes off the Nyss Champ.

The Swordsmen easily finish off the remaining trolls, assuming they can crowd around properly, which shouldn’t be too difficult.  Four Nyss have an 85% chance at killing a troll.  Some of them may be able to get in a lateral charge.

Verdict:  Avoid these Blighted Nyss like the plague they carry.

Blighted Nyss Legionnaires, Captain Farilor & Standard

Those nasty blighted Nyss have a 2” sword, so even though they are the same speed as the Trollkin Champions, they out-threaten by 1”.  The Nyss Legionnaires charge, and target the Hero to prevent his bennie.  Captain Farilor has both the CMA shared with the rest of the unit, as well as weapon master.  His POW 10 with 4d6 can kill the Troll Hero (21%), but with a little help from two troopers, his chances improve (51%).  A follow-up attack from another group of 3 seems unlikely, but with the 2” swords, and the trollkin’s medium base, it’s possible.  The troll has an 87% chance of dying.  The rest of the Nyss try to take out a run-of-the-mill Champion (81%).  The unit activates Iron Zeal.

Skaldi and his Champions lay into the Nyss.  Farilor must go.  He only has 5 boxes, but the Legionnaires have crazy ARM, with Iron Zeal and Wall of Steel (ARM 20).  The Champions can hit the DEF 12 Nyss, but struggle with the ARM.  A single axe has a remote possibility of killing Farilor (9%), and four trolls would end him, if they could all squeeze in.  That’s rather unlikely, so Skaldi and one other Champ will lay into the Nyss Captain.  They take him to 2 boxes, and the remaining three Champs take out a single Nyss Legionnaire.

Farilor and his Legionnaires get to make a Vengeance attack.  The Legionnaires do quite poorly, as this is not going to be a CMA (at least, I don’t think they can make a CMA during the Maintenance Phase since the whole thing says it’s done “when resolving their Combat Actions”).  Each Legionnaire has a 3% chance of killing a troll.  Five might have a 40% chance at killing a single troll.  I’m going to say it’s safe to assume no trolls are killed by these attacks, but each suffers at least a point of damage.

With that out of the way, the Legionnaires begin to seriously attack, focusing their efforts to down the Trollkin Champions.  Two groups of 4 Nyss have an 83% chance at killing the trolls.  Two groups of 5 turn that into a 92% chance.  Another troll drops.

The trolls fight back, with Skaldi slaying Farilor (95%), and each troll taking down one Legionnaire (83% with one swing, 97% with two).  Six Nyss try to do something to a troll during their Maintenance phase, and probably take the Champions down another point.  Two waves of 3 Nyss bring down another Champion (90%, provided they actually brought these guys to 3 hit boxes).

Trolls go nuts, taking down 3 more Legionnaires (member 97%).  The remaining 3 Nyss do a couple more points to a troll Champion, and the trolls retaliate, slaying the Legionnaires.

Verdict:  Close battle, could go either way depending on how good or bad the dice fall.  If the Champs can get in the Charge without Zeal being active, then go for it.  Otherwise, wait until Zeal falls.

Blighted Nyss Raptors & Annyssa Ryvaal

Annyssa’s a pretty neat solo, but I think she should be able to give Prey to the Raptor unit instead of +1 to attack rolls.  She and the Raptors have the advantage over trolls in terms of speed and range.

Annyssa declares Prey on the Champion Hero, and attacks with her bow, gaining an additional damage die and +2 to attack and damage.  The elf has a 24% chance of killing the troll, but will do at least a point of damage (95%).  She gets to Reposition to 17” away if she wants.  The other Nyss also get to take shots with their longbows.  The rest of the Nyss can attack and have an 84% chance of killing the troll Hero.

The best the Champions can do is run 10” toward the Nyss, to find themselves 7” away.  The Nyss move back to 12”, then reposition after clearing another troll.

This kiting will go on until the trolls are finished.  It will be a long battle, but the Raptors will be successful in wearing down the Champions.  The Champs would need a bump in ARM or some clouds or terrain to block arrows.

Verdict:  Send in something faster (Fennblades?) or longer ranged.  Avoid.

Bottom Line

Against ranged opponents, the Trollkin Champions can do well if they close.  The trouble is, the Champions have trouble closing against cavalry units with ranged weapons or speedy units with repositioning available.  Against equally stat-lined opponents, the battle could go either way.  Being difficult to knock down makes the Champions that much better.  It’s something I didn’t factor into the calculations, since Odds Machine didn’t have the option.

I can see the argument for running both Fennblades and Champions to handle ranged and beefy units.  The Champions sustain an attack better than the Fennblades, and they hit harder when the charge is denied.

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