Captain Kara Sloan – Day 2

Captain Kara Sloan – Needs Help

Washing & Shadows

Tonight I tried to brighten up various areas, and to me it all looks sloppy. Also, I tried some shadow/washing. I’m either not really adept at washing, or she really does have a slight 5 o’clock shadow. IMG_4872 I also touched up some of the metal rings and those things hanging from her straps with some Gunmetal Grey.  At this point, I rate my skill as “paint by number, but can’t stay in the lines.”

Eye Don’t Know What to Do Next

Despite my bunglery (not a word, but should it be?) I attempted eyes. Kara isn’t one of those sculpts where you can ignore eyes. So I lightly touched my brush to my palette, and smeared a huge white dot where each eye should go. Now she looks like she’s wearing goggles, if you’re far enough away.


A little bit of light blue followed by a tiny touch of black makes Kara look either surprised or angered, and maybe shocked that she just missed a shot. I think it goes well with her hand on hip “no you didn’t” pose.




I couldn’t leave her like that, comical as it was.  And although I was tempted to cell shade her (like my long gunners are by accident) and outline her with thick black lines, I decided to try for a more rational approach.  I think the Vallejo 70.845 sunny fleshtone on her face helped to narrow those eyes a bit.


But now I am stuck. Do I keep pressing with her face? Lips? If I didn’t have work tomorrow, I might stay up all night reading forum posts and watching youtube tutorials until sleep eventually takes me. As it is, I have no such luxury. Kara will have to wait until tomorrow.