Calandra1 and Borka1 Pairing

What am I thinking here?  This isn’t how people are playing Trollbloods right now!


War Room Army

Trollblood – Calandra SotN

Theme: Storm of the North
3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood – WB: +27
– Trollkin Runebearer – PC: 0
– Dire Troll Mauler – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
– Earthborn Dire Troll – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 12)

Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North – PC: 0
Trollkin Champion Hero – PC: 0
Fell Caller Hero – PC: 5

Pyg Lookouts – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Northkin Raiders – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
– Northkin Elder – PC: 3
Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears – Bear Handler & 2 Battle Bears: 10
Trollkin Champions – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
– Skaldi Bonehammer – PC: 5

This may not be my final option with Calandra. I also like her in Kriel Company with the Highwaymen.  Befuddling and gaining an aimed back shot is funny.  Storm offers the ambushing bears and Champions, and becomes a more well-rounded combined arms force.  Against your average non-cavalry units, Star-Crossed DEF 13 dudes are hard to hit.  Sure, there are some other good minion options, but they don’t benefit from Calandra’s feat.  Re-rolling ones and twos can turn a game around.

The battlegroup having no Northkin models in it can become a hindrance around the snowbanks.   No cold sprays means the Northkin Elder is wasting one of his abilities. So there is a little bit of a sub-optimal choice being made, but I think the melee buff will work to even it out a bit.  It does warrant a discussion on why I don’t take Madrak1 or Bearka, or run Calandra in a different theme.

Honestly, I have no good reasons.  Okay, maybe some.  I saw a little success with Calandra Band of Heroes, running Fennblades and Champions.  But it was too melee centric.  So I started looking at other options, testing Power of Dhunia and Kriel Company.  The Power of Dhunia ran well, with Farrow Brigands, even better, but I felt like it was still lacking because the DEF 12 was still being hit pretty easy and the expensive beasts didn’t provide enough scenario presence.

Kriel Company didn’t give me enough melee play, although the DEF 13 Highwaymen were harder to hit.  Enter Raiders, and yes they can run in KC, but I felt they got more out of SotN, with Champions being a strong melee unit.

The solo configuration will help me maximize the utility of the units in SotN, as the Fell Caller can help Raiders hit more accurately, or give pathfinder to the Champions when they aren’t able to charge. Valka loves bullet dodger.  Champ Hero makes sanguine bond worth it.

Sok where is Calandra weak?  Even though the units included with her army are strong, and can work into jacks, her main spell, Star-Crossed, fails to help vs boosted attacks.  She experiences problems handling Cavalry and Jack/Beast spam.


War Room Army

Trollblood – Borka1 Beast Mode -3

Theme: The Power of Dhunia
3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Borka Kegslayer – WB: +28
– Keg Carrier
– Rök – PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 19)
– Dire Troll Mauler – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
– Dire Troll Blitzer – PC: 16
– Dire Troll Blitzer – PC: 16
– Storm Troll – PC: 9
– Storm Troll – PC: 9
– Troll Basher – PC: 7

Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0
Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0
Troll Whelps – 5 Whelps: 0

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
– Stone Scribe Elder – PC: 3

I came up with a different version, with some Earthborn Dire Trolls (EBDT), which has become a staple for me.  And there was another with a ton of Maulers.  Those seem like good, fun options, but fail in the face of casters who have tricks like Magnus2, who can keep your models from advancing into melee.

The Blitzers are there for a little bit of ranged threat, as are the Storm Trolls.  I understand that Slag Trolls are pretty awesome, as they can potentially do as much damage as a Mauler, but the Storm Troll offers more staying power vs jacks with a 1″ melee, and offers a critical disruption.

I know lots of folks frown on critical abilities, but boosted attack rolls make the impossible become possible.  And disruption can be huge for certain warcasters.

In one iteration, the Knot showed up, to manage fury and dole out puppet master.  I decided the Mosh Pit spell would help out enough with accuracy to hit, and by squeezing in more warbeast, I could add free whelps.  The whelps manage fury as long as I can keep them alive.  The plan is to have about half on the table, and spawn the rest.  Turn 1, 5 beasts run, and the others, Rok and Mauler, probably, will hang back.  Borka runs turn 1, dropping fury to the stone.  The stone runs turn 1.

Turn 2 will see Borka casting spells, maybe charging, and definitely being drunk.  Maybe feat. The stone will run strength, beasts will charge or slam.  It’s hard to say what will happen at turn 2.  Storm Trolls will likely be better on a charge.  It’s a shame they only have 0.5″ melee.  They need to stay clear of 2″ melee jacks.

The two Blitzers should wreck stuff.  I still think they’re a little overcosted.  But I kind of think all warbeasts are.

I will run this in a game tonight, and maybe some on Saturday.


Picking which list to run is always tough for me.  In this case, my default will be Calandra.  I have more games with her, and feel at ease.  There aren’t too many issues with order of activation.  So, if my opponent brings two lists which are very beast/jack heavy, or have a jack list opposite a cav list, I will switch out to Borka.

List selection becomes a coin toss when facing someone with a unit heavy list as well as a jack list.  Cryx could throw me a Ghost Fleet combined with Black Industries.  I have faced Ghost Fleet with Calandra.  They didn’t run one of the DEF debuff casters, so they had no way to handle Starcrossed until they got their warjacks involved.  If I see Gaspy3, Vene1, Skarre2, any Denny, or Aikos2, in a Ghost Fleet, I will switch to the Borka list.  They’re going to hit my beasts.  So I might as well knock some of them around.

Khador’s Jaws of the Wolf tosses away my Ambush, but we still habe advance deploy.  So the bears and pygs will still get into trouble, and cause some a long the way.

I will figure out the rest as I go.  Games tonight and Saturday.  Whoo-hoo!