Borka2 vs Ossrum

Tactician Rhulic is just plain cheating

No, really.  Wouldn’ you love Tactician Trollbloods?

Theme: hammerstrike

General ossrum


Seige Crawler

Seige Crawler

Forge guard

Forge guard

Artillery corps

Artillery corps


I don’t even think this was two turns.  The huge based models negate Borka’s feat.  They don’t do stationary.  And the periscope from the battle engines kills stealth on two targets.

My turn 1 had my shuffling around terrain, and trying to claim board space.

He advanced pretty quickly for dwarves.

My turn 2 saw my long riders trying to attack and block stuff.

The driller charges 10″ and hits Borka at exactly 12″.  I did not realize he had tactician Rhulic, with all models.  He moved through the battle engines, dwarves, etc.  And the artillery in the back fired before the charge.  Borka couldn’t handle the artillery fire followed by the earthbreaker’s POW21 steam claws.


Warmachine is a game about positioning, finesse and order of activation.  It challenges the player by forcing them to consider how, where and when to attack in order to keep from blocking their own army.

Unless you play Ossrum.  Then you just don’t give a duck.


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  1. Shawn Sirtonski /

    I love that conclusion lol

    1. Thomas / Post Author

      I try not to let my bitterness seep into my battle reports… But sometimes you play badly, and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

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