Borka1 vs Venethrax1

The Borka1 Beast experiment scraped out a win tonight. Faced Cryx. Could not knock down their jacks, because they were steady. Mortality and AOEs from Desecrators was hard on the stone. They out-threat Borka all day. SPD 6, range 12. The amount of Grievous Wounds was sick. So the warbeasts couldn’t heal, despite whelps being everywhere. Venethrax1, Deathjack, Desecrators, shrikes, and arcnodes everywhere. I got lucky with a Blitzer who was able to get to his caster with Mosh Pit, and barely killed him.

If this is representative, then I’m still searching for a pairing. I feel like knockdown, tough or healing should be good, but it didn’t feel that way at all. It still feels like the deck is stacked against us.

I know the answer from the internet will be “have you heard of madrak1”, but Grievous counters his feat. Mortality counters the DEF buff from solid ground and the ARM from the stone.

It looks like gramma might have play, with the feat shutting down shooting one turn, so I might give her a try next.

Beginning. Planning on taking the right circle.

Jacks just out of range. No pathfinder hurts more than I realized.

Getting close to the caster. About to take some hits on the Mauler though. Those double rings of acid hurt.

End game. The lump is a death jack position after it’s countercharge. It sucks that whelps can’t engage, since they don’t have a weapon.

We both made a bunch of errors, and bad dice rolls plagued the game, but it doesn’t change how I feel.

Bearka might have been able to handle this list.  Maybe I will switch back.  It could be that the games I played with him, and the losses I’ve experienced were just one sided matches, where Calandra would have been better.  People have said he offers more than v1, but it’s only countercharge and a single feat turn, where v1 offers Knockdown every turn.  Maybe it isn’t enough.  How much steady is out there?  Grievous?

Is trolls just too easy to tech for?


More on this as I put it to the test.