Beth’s E-Leap of Faith vs Menoth’s Amon Ad-Raza

Beth’s first outing with her new crew found her in a strange town surrounded by Menoth.  Was this a real battle, or another flashback brought on by the trauma of her imprisonment?

The scenario was Take and Hold. Amon was running two Castigators, a Vigilant and a couple Dirvishes. He had a choir, a couple monks, Daughters of the Flame, and a wrack.


Menoth won initiative. I ended up going first. Boo! I  decided to go for the enemy flag. A wall and hill were nearby.  I placed my guard on my 7″ line, backed them up with the Strider,  placed Beth and the Stormclad to their right with the Captain and Firefly in front.  The Blades deployed next to them, and their Firefly sat on their right.  Callers spread out.

Menoth deployed opposite my flag, with their Battlegroup centered, and the Sisters and monk directly opposite my flag. Exemplar Bastions set up behind the girls.

I already screwed up.  My army isn’t one of those forces that wants to spread out.  I don’t want to engage roadblocks. I want to clog them, charge through my Guard,  and stomp their jacks.  Instead, I spread my blades out to the right to protect my flag.  They can’t  assault something If they’re on the defensive!

Turn one I put Dauntless on my Blades, and moved them up for flag defense.  Stupid.  Your first wave defense should be the Guard! Position them just inside charge range of the enemy with Dauntless up!  If this whole thing was a PTSD dream in Beth’s head, she’d be yelling that in her sleep.

I ensured my Officer was in marshaling range of his Firefly,  and moved the fly out as far as possible to maybe hit the monk.

On the left,  I advanced my Guard 10″, my Strider 10″, and ran out the Callers. Snipe went to the Strider, assail went to Stormclad.

Menoth’s Daughters ran up, monks accompanied and Amon’s Battlegroup headed for his flag, moving diagonally across the field. 

Turn 2

I took out a monk with Firefly on a charge, and a sister with the rightmost Storm Caller.  I attempted to E-Leap off one of his jacks unprotected by choir, but rolled poorly. I think I may have done one point to his heavy.

Onslaught went up on Maddox. Guard ran out further, and I wished I had deployed more tightly.

Menoth started killing my guard with Castigator’s Combustion.  The Castigators hit one of my guys with his hand, giving a +1 synergy bonus. Now I think it was explained like this: Dervish hits, gets +1 from the Castigator’s attack, and his next attack gets +2. Then another Dervish attacks, getting +2, and his next attack gets +3.  If that is how we played it, then I think we need to go back and revisit. The way Synergy reads, a jack only gets the bonus for EACH OTHER jack that hit. So Castigators hits, and Dervish #1 gets +1. Dervish #1 hits, and the next Dervish gets +2. The fourth jack in the chain would get +3.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I lost Firefly and the Captain here. The dice were phenomenal,  and even without bonuses, the Dirvishes would have gotten it done. Amon takes his flag for a point. Firefly on the right dies. Callers dies. A blade dies.

Turn 3

I don’t have the ability to engage his forces. Beth’s Knights are scattered. I’m about to fall way behind on scenario. I see a possible line on his caster. It’s janky as Hell, but might work. Trouble is, there is no going back. I’m all in.

Strider moves up and takes two shots at Amon. Missed both.  DEF 16 vs RAT6? Proof that Beth is dreaming. The Strider should have moved farther up field to give the bones to Assault RATs, and I should have little him up with the Callers immediately.  And I had actually considered that before I started my turn! But when Beth started her move, I forgot my Strider-Caller interaction, and got ahead of myself.

Amon sat on the opposite side of his flag, the two Castigators and Vigilant blocking him in.  I had to get the Dervish out of the way. He was blocking my Stormclad. I moved Beth around my clad, initiated her feat, and beat back the Dervish until it was clear.  Dervish died on the last hit.

Stormclad charged the leftmost Castigator (thanks to Assail) wedging himself as far up between the two Castigators as possible.  The assault shot missed, but the Sword landed. Stormclad beat back, then bought a boosted attack vs Amon. Hit. Payed for boosted damage. Killed him. And if Amon had rolled anything less than that 5, he would have stayed dead. Instead, he lived. And worse yet, he stayed standing up.

Stormblades moved in to assault shot Amon the Unkillable.  Most of my shots missed, but I did get in two at DEF 20. One from the Storm Gunner, and one other. He toughed both. 


The endgame was quick. Castigator moved in, killed two blades and Beth.

Beth woke in a cold sweat. Menoth was unkillable.