Anti-Armor in Trollbloods

Troll anti armor

Let’s define armor.

There are generally two types of armor. Jack/Beast armor, and infantry armor.

The Armor faction is typically thought of as Khador, so we’ll use them as an example.

Take a Juggernaut. ARM 20, 34 hit boxes. And for the unit, we have Man-O-War Shocktroopers, with ARM 21 under a +4 shield wall and 8 boxes. It seems heavy ARM is usually around 20, excluding shenanigans.

Obviously, the toughest troll we have is the Mountain King. He’s POW 22 with Rage, 23 with stone. Best case scenario, your warlock casts Rage, so the king gets 7 attacks. With one hit, the King has a 91% of hitting, and 53% chance of killing a Man-O-War. Two hits has a 92% chance. A boosted damage roll on the first attack has an 83% chance of killing. So, the guaranteed kill is two hits with a Raged Mountain King. What about the Juggernaut?

With all 7 attacks available, the 36 point mountain king has a 99% chance at killing the Juggernaut. But it probably can’t handle two of them. At 68 boxes between the two, your chance drops to 13%. Boosting any of those damage rolls actually has a negative effect, since you steal away an attack every time you boost. Against a 62 box Conquest or Victor, the King has a 50% chance at completely removing the colossal Warjack.

Volume of attacks, as well as high POW is important. Our melee options are certainly the heaviest hitting, best solutions to high armor.

The Stone!

Check this out. With the +1 Stone Strength, our chances at breaking armor substantially increase.

With POW 23, the King scores a kill against the Conquest/Victor 81% of the time. Two Juggernauts jumps to 38%, 99% for one Juggernaut, 66% of a single hit kill on the Man-O-War, 95% with two swings.

Battle of the Kings: Enter the Sea King!

Troll Christmas isn’t here yet. So, Sea King is really expensive and doesn’t assault, which is what I hope they give him, but he does have that huge chain weapon. The Anchor brings a natural POW 20, with a Stone Strength 21, and if Rage is involved, POW 24. Kriel Company can do this, but you sink points into two gargantuan with very few points to spare.

Still, the Sea King’s anchor does well. It scores a 76% kill on a Man-O-War, 99% on two hits, a 99% of killing one Juggernaut, 61% on two Juggernauts, and a whopping 93% chance at single handedly (ignoring the Rage and Stone Strength support) killing a Conquest or Victor.

But are the Gargantuan Warbeasts cost effective? Mauler is only worth 15 points, opposed to Mountain and (proposed) Sea King cost of 36 points. If a Mauler rages itself, it gets 6 attacks, and only has a 25% chance at taking out a Man-O-War, 80% On two hits, and a 43% chance at killing a Juggernaut, unless the warlock casts Rage, in which case it reaches 91%. There isn’t much chance that a single Mauler can take down the Juggernaut, so a second Mauler is needed. Two Maulers run 30 points, and leaves 6 points for anything, as opposed to the Mountain King. You do lose the assault shot and kill shot, so that needs to be considered.

Rok and Mulg weigh in at POW 18 on their weapon hands. The rest of the non-character Troll Warbeasts have 15 or less for POW. Their Fury drops to 4 on heavies and 3 for lights. So you might get 6 attacks with heavies at POW 15 (19 With Rage and Stone), and that isn’t going to break armor reliably.

What about our Units?

Our melee units run from POW 10 to POW 12. The Stone does give them a bump, but that doesn’t really help much. Kriel Warriors have a POW 10, 11 with the stone, and combined melee attacks. Teams of 3 bring that to 14. The thrower under the stone would be 14 as well. Unfortunately, assuming you get 3 warriors on a Man-O-War, you only have a 40% chance of doing a single point of damage. Scattergunners have POW 12 gun’s, and a POW 9 melee, but don’t help into armor.

What about our only weapon masters, Champions and Sons of Bragg?

Champions have a volume of attacks, at POW 12 under the stone. Three Champions have a 79% chance of taking out a single Man-O-War. If they pull off a charge, two Champions score an 87%, so it looks like a unit, costing 17, under the stone, can possibly take out two Man-O-War dudes.

Sons of Bragg are also weapon masters, POW 12, 10, 10, and 10. Call of Fervor brings these hits to 14, 12, 12, and 12. The Stone brings them to 15, 13, 13, and 13. The Sons have an 83% chance of killing a Man-O-War, and a 99% on a charge. With a charge attack, the Sons have an 84% chance of killing two Man-O-War.

They should not be expected to handle a large Warjack.

The Chronicler can help, providing a +2 damage if they stand near our slow moving, 1” reach warbeasts, or one of the 2 armor debuffing warlocks we have could help.

Warlocks Needed!

We have a few options, currently, for armor cracking. Ragnor Skysplitter can throw Pulverizer on a model for +2 STR, but at most, you’ll have two models benefiting at a cost of 3 Fury. Grissel Bloodsong (Grissel1) can use Calamity to drop Armor and Defense by 2. The Defense drop is substantial, since the Champions will have a “no snake-eyes” chance at hitting a Man-O-War, and the armor debuff helps increase their productivity.

Suddenly 3 Champs kill a Man-O-War 98% of the time, and Two reliably kill a Man-O-War at an 89%. On a charge, a single Champ kills a Man-O-War at 73% under Calamity and the Stone. The min unit can take a Juggernaut out on a charge 65% of the time.

Madrak Ironhide, World-Ender (Madrak2), can use Blood Fury on a model or unit to give out an extra die on melee damage rolls, which can bump anything up pretty far, adding a +1-6 on any attack.

With Madrak2, a single champion has a 68% chance at killing a Man-O-War, 86% on the charge, and the min unit of Champs has an amazing 89% chance at taking down a Juggernaut on the charge, under the stone and Madrak’s Blood Fury.

Hunters Grim has access to Mortality, yielding the same results as Grissel, but is able to hit multiple target models/units.

Calandra helps by turning around models to make them easier to hit. She also has a feat that allows re-rolling dice if they roll a 1 or 2 on attack or damage. That gives a champ a 68% chance at killing a Man-O-War on the charge, 72% for two champs killing 2 Man-O-War, and a 34% chance for three champs killing a Juggernaut on the charge. So her feat pretty much doubles the lethality of a unit or model.

So what foes that all say about the Trolls and their approach to armor? Simply put, if you want to break armor, Dire Trolls, or even better, the Kings, are a necessity. Light trolls and units just don’t cut it. Bring a warlock who can make it easier to hit and kill. I’m thinking Grim2, Grissel1, for turn to turn reliability, but you’ll want to look at their feats as well.  Warlock feats vary, and probably should be discussed on its own.



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